Audio Services

Earwig Studios Voice Work, Ads, Jingles, and Sold On Hold

Earwig Studios Voice Work

*Note that voice work fees are an estimate only , if the script is supplied I can forward the script to the voice talent to obtain a quote.

Studio recorded professional voices give a touch of class to corporate, small business or private answerphone messages.

E mail us the script and we will send you the finished recording for $250

Male ( Bob Gentil ) and female voices ( Debbie Silvey )  are available as required.

Music soundbeds can also be added to your recordings.Music creation costs can be quoted when the clients requirements are known.



Answerphone message female

Answerphone message male 1

Answerphone message male 2

Answerphone message with music

Sold On Hold message


Ads and Jingles

Web Audio

An audio loop for websites can be constructed and e mailed to the clients web designer for $250
For an additional $60 (total $310) specified sound FX may be added eg phones,traffic etc
For an additional $150 (total $400 or $460 with sound FX) spoken or sung male or female vocals may be added
Listen to web audio one


A PC based jingle (drum machine , keyboards) is $300 for a 1 minute bed that can be used in 15 and 30 second formats as well. If sound FX are required the cost is $360. If vocals are required the cost is $500 or $560 with sound FX.
Listen to jingle one


Real instrumentation

If real drums ,bass , guitars , piano ,rhodes ,organ etc are required the cost is $2500 for the instrument bed with additional FX and voice charges as in PC based jingles.Trumpet,saxophone , violin/strings and trombone are available for an extra $200 per instrument.
Listen to jingle two


Ads are charged at the studio rate of $60 per hour and usually take 1-2 hours.Additional costs are;
jingle production if applicable (see above)
CDs ($2.25)
Voice fees – $18 per voice

Listen to ad one

Listen to ad two