24 Track Analogue and Digital Studio

For $70.00 per hour , Earwig Studios offers  the MCI 2 inch 24 track. We have two MCI’s on site , one that belonged to Cat Stevens and the other to Bryan Ferry. We usually mix to the Studer A-80 1/2 inch 2 track and then master to digital file for online , CD or vinyl production . We have attractive day rates for longer band tracking and mixing sessions. Note that for shorter sessions a minimum one hour charge applies. 

Individual tape tracks can be digitised to wave file stems with two Allen & Heath ICE 16 track digital recorders that sync up to give up to 32 tracks. We also use these 32 channel in/out interfaces to record digitally for projects more suited to digital recording such as voice work , talking books, foley, advertisements and telephone IVR’s .

Tape can be digitized for archiving purposes or for recording part of your project at the studio then carrying on at home. For example you could record drums and bass  through the studio console to two inch tape  and then take the tracks  as wave file stems, synced up and ready to import into whatever recording software you use.

All prices are GST inclusive.



Neumann U87 microphone


Earwig Studio analogue mixing desk.


Earwig Studio control room.

As well as wide format analogue tape recorders, analogue mastering, and multitrack digitizing capability, Earwig Studios offer other services usually associated with studios in the high end price bracket.
Upright Piano ,Fender Rhodes and Yamaha electric pianos , Hammond organ with leslie speaker , stereo plate reverb , Lexicon reverbs, classic Urei, Manley, Nekotronics, Focusrite and dbx compression , Neumann U 87 microphone and Soundtracs 44 channell console .All items one would usually associate with higher priced facilities.

The recording room has excellent acoustics with various keyboards, guitar amplifiers and percussion available at no extra charge. The control room is fully soundproofed and separate from the recording room. Both rooms feature soundproof ventilation and the band room is isolated on a floating floor. The outside deck affords an inspiring view of native bush reserve.

The Engineer

Darren Mcshane audio engineerProducer/Engineer Darren McShane has an extensive musical background playing in live touring bands and studio outfits such as Stick No Bills, Figure 60 and Chainsaw Masochist. He has written for a variety of musical publications encompassing various styles and forms of music and was a daytime and specialist show DJ at 95 bFM before starting Earwig Studios. Darren is currently playing guitar and singing in Auckland band Superturtle, who will be releasing their sixth album in 2023. They have had numerous songs in the Kiwi FM top 10. Darren has more than 28 years experience in analogue recording.

Digital Recording

Some projects don’t suit tape , if budget is tight and tape purchase or hireage costs are an issue we can record digitally and still utilize the analogue console and outboard gear.

Studio experience and equipment:

Superturtle , Die Die Die,  Salon Kingsadore, Galveston,The Echo-Ohs , Na Noise , Echo Children , Garageland, The Hot Grits, Legacy Of Disorder, 8 Foot Sativa, The Broken Heartbreakers, The Whipping Cats, Steve Abel, Fejoa Jam, Marco Liguori’s Stolen Paintings, Uncouth, The Exponents, Alistair Riddell, Goon, Tony Fuemana with Urban Pacifika, Clarion Choir, Surrealistic, Riversedge, Fantababy,  All Torn Up, Relentless Attrition, Sister Morphine, Skivvy, Billy Squire and The Rye, Mike Scorey, The Hitlist, These Four Walls, Roger Skinner, Figure 60, Semtex, Alpha Plan, Smoothie, The Radio Kings, One Black Shoelace, Lanky, AKDK, The Bobby Holidays, Mordor, Fluid, Chicane, Rival State, Celadore, Milk Milk Lemonade, Honey Barbara, The Lure Of Shoes, Marble Fawns, Mr Fuzz, The Coolies, Easy Tiger, Frontside Grind,  Spa, Mali Mali, Roger Marshall, Oslo Brown, Cold Harvest Trust, To The Birds, Murray McNabb Group , Thelonious Punk , Lovespud, Magic Factory, Cindy ,Smokestack Slim , ROYGBIV ,  Hannah Fang , The Rvmes , RATSO , Fran’s Remedy ,  The Dawns, Warm Leather, The Bobby Holidays, Dad Joke, The Fuzzies , Video Nasty, Cthulus, Cindy, Warm Leather, Labretta Suede and The Motel Six and many many more.

BAND VIDEO LINKS    Superturtle ( postpunk ) Cold Harvest Trust ( piano based band ) Salonkingsdore ( Instrumental )  Riversedge( Rock n Roll ) Superturtle  ROYGBIV  The Echo Ohs  Superturtle   Hannah Fang The Bobby Holidays

Records recorded or mastered at Earwig Studios[/vc _column_text]

  • Studer A-80 half inch 2 track
  • Fostex D5 DAT recorder
  • Allen & Heath ICE- 16 Digital Recorders ( 2 units that sync to 32 channels )
  • Tascam CDRW-750 CD recorder
  • Revox B77 1/4inch 2 track
  • Soundtracs CM4400 44 channell console
  • 2 X Urei LA-4 compressors
  • 2 X dbx 160X compressors
  • Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 stereo optical compressor
  • Focusrite platinum EQ/comp/limiter
  • Nekotronics MKII SSL G Series 4000 clone
  • Manley Variable MU compressor limiter
  • ART dual channel tube compressor
  • dbx 1046 Quad compressor
  • TL Audio stereo valve EQ
  • ART dual channel tube pre amp
  • Stainless steel stereo plate reverb
  • AKG BX10 Spring Reverb
  • Lexicon Alex  Reverb
  • Lexicon MX300 Reverb
  • Lexicon PCM80 Reverb

  • MCI 2 inch 24 track
  • Roland SRE 555 tape echo
  • Ibanez AD 220 analogue delay flanger
  • Ibanez AD 100 analogue delay
  • Digital Delay PDD-3000
  • Model 600 leslie speaker
  • 2 X Ashley quadgates
  • JBL quadgate
  • Neumann U87 condensor mike
  • Warm Audio U87 clone
  • Shure SM7b
  • Rode NTK tube condensor mike
  • 2 X AKG C3000 condensor mikes
  • Fostex M88 printed ribbon mike
  • 2 X PVM 480 overhead mikes
  • 2 X AKGD112 kick drum mikes
  • 3 X Shure SM58’s
  • 7 X Shure SM57’s
  • DW moon mike
  • Solomon sub mike
  • CAD N11 Floor Tom mike

  • Upright Piano
  • Fender Rhodes electric Piano
  • Yamaha CP-70 electric grand
  • Hammond Organ with Leslie
  • Korg MS20 mini analogue synth
  • Godwin String Concert keyboard
  • 1973 Fender Precision Bass
  • 1963 Burns Splitsonic electric guitar
  • Burns Double Six electric 12 string
  • 1975 Gibson Marauder electric guitar
  • Lomax 8 string Lap steel slide guitar
  • Theremin

  • Boss DS-1 distortion pedal
  • Electro Harmonix Vocoder
  • Joyo D Seed II Delay
  • Cry Baby Wah pedal
  • Small Stone phaser pedal
  • Holden Wasp 100 watt amp
  • Vox Venue 100 watt combo amp
  • Jansen 640 Twin Guitar amp and 2 X 12 Celestions cab
  • Antoria 12 string acoustic guitar
  • Guild G37 Acoustic Guitar
  • Dan Electro Cool Cat tremolo
  • Ibanez tuner
  • Jansen I-A715 25watt 1959 combo guitar amp

  • Peavey 300 watt bass amp
  • Rockitt 300 watt bass head
  • Sovtek 4 X 12 inch quad box
  • Fane 2 X 15 inch duo box
  • Congas , Cabasa , Vibraslap, tambourines , shakers , triangle , bells , wood blocks , guiro , castanets , cowbell , rainstick  , AX-25N2 Glockenspiel , Flex-A-Tone

Plate reverb

Plate reverb