Analogue Mastering

Analogue mastering

Earwig Studios have a comprehensive analogue mastering set up. We use a Studer A-80 half inch 2 track, Urei LA-4’s, Buzz Audio SOC 1:1 , Nekotronics ssl G- series 4000 compressor clone, Manley Variable MU compressor,limiter and Focusrite mix master multi band compressor and EQ . For the digital end we use Allen and Heath ICE 16’s harware, Waves Ultramaximizer, and loudness penalty plug-ins. 

If more extreme equalising is needed we use a a TL Audio valve EQ.

Mastering can be from and to DAT tape , CD , wavefile , or half  inch 2 track tape via the Allen and Heath ICE 16 for 24 or 16 bit mastering.

We can also employ digital noise reduction if required .

The mastering rate is $70 per hour gst inclusive.Refer to the studio section (tape costs sub section) for half inch tape , DAT, and CD costs.