Studio Rates

RATES $70 per hour

Discounted day rates as low as $45 per hour for long sessions

( includes gst and engineer, no gear hire costs, tape cost is additional )

The Studio with engineer hourly rate is $70.00 gst inclusive with a minimum one hour charge. Analogue sessions and digital sessions are engineered by Darren McShane .

For longer sessions the day hire rates are a cheaper option. These are great for band tracking and mixing sessions. We charge whichever combination of day rates and hourly rates  work out cheapest for the client.


There are day, weekend and 5 day week options based around 8 and 12 hour sessions . Analogue sessions have tape costs in addition to the day rate , and Pro Tools has a different higher rate .

8 Hour Days   ( eg 11.00am – 7.00pm )

One Day ( 8 hrs )   Analogue $420.00 + tape costs ( $52.50 per hour )

Weekend Rate ( 16 hrs )      Analogue $800.00 + tape costs  ($50.00 per hour )

5 day week ( Monday to Friday ) 40hrs  Analogue $1900.00 + tape costs  ($47.50 per hour )


12 Hour Days  (eg 10.00am – 10.00pm )

One Day ( 12 hrs )   Analogue $600.00 + tape costs   ($50 per hour )

Weekend Rate ( 24 hrs)      Analogue $1140.00 + tape costs    ($47.50 per hour )

5 day week  (60 hrs ) ( Monday to Friday ) Analogue $2700.00 + tape costs   ( $45 per hour )



We record to 24 track 2 inch tape , then mix to 2 track half inch tape . We master to 16 or 24 bit file through an Allen and Heath interface for online , CD or vinyl production .

Earwig Studios purchase the RMGI tape from Totally Technical in Australia .We sell with no mark up on the tape  , at the cost of purchase .This  varies depending on the exchange rate and order size but the prices below are a good guide. The hireage rate is always exactly as listed.

You can buy complete reels or part reels which are charged on a per minute of tape used basis. If you buy a part reel the reel has to be stored at Earwig Studios as other bands will have their music on it as well. Nearly every band leaves their reel at Earwig Studios anyway as it’s an excellent storage facility for tape due to the studios  dryness , so this is usually not an issue .

Purchasing new tape Tape  prices ( gst inclusive ) at  March 2024

1 reel RMGI               2 inch tape ( 24 track )  33 minutes at 15 ips     1110.50    35.00 per minute of tape

1 Reel RMGI half inch tape ( stereo 2 track ) 33 minutes at 15 ips    320.00    10.00 per minute of tape


DAT tape is $20 for a 2 hour tape (DAT not used much these days )

Verbatim or Maxell audio CD’s are $4 – these discs are made specifically for audio ( CD masters still useful for CD pressing to embed ISRC codes as meta data )


Hiring tape

You can hire the tape for projects with less than a four week turnaround

Hire per minute         2 inch 24 track = $5.00

Hire per minute half inch 2 track tape $2.00

Purchasing pre used tape

We keep a record of hire income on the reel box and deduct it form the original purchase cost to calculate the price of second hand tape when it is available. We have had no tape quality deterioration issues with this system as the tape is never  old enough to be oxidized or worn before purchase.

Digitizing 24 track tape to universally compatible .wav files

You can digitize your multitrack tape for archiving or to import the tracks into a digital studio , for example you could record a live band then take away the wave files of the individual tape tracks on a USB stick , ready to import and all in sync. All the stems will be lined up and in sync with the same start and end points.

This means you can have the sound of a two inch tape recording and studio console and outboard coming back at you out of your home studio lap top , ready for you to continue with over dubs , vocals and mixing.

We can digitize all 24 tracks from tape using the two  Allen and Heath ICE16  digital recorders run in sync with each other .