PA and Lighting Hire

Engineer only – Livesound engineer using venues equipment from $200

DJ Rig – Rig A without monitors /snake or outboard using Numark DJ mixer $200 approx

Rig A

$320 approx with engineer 

A 1600 watt vocal PA with 2 Yorkville 15 inch speakers on speaker stands & two Behringer monitor wedges plus a powered Alto wedge if required. Front of house is powered by a Jansen 600 watt stereo amp via a Allen and Heath desk and Black Lion mike pre amp .Monitors are powered by a second 600 watt Jansen amp and a 400 watt powered Alto wedge. Shure SM58 mikes and DI’s are supplied as needed.

Also includes a Proel snake ( optional ), Lexicon reverb, Behringer and Alesis compressors and Power Dynamics  CD/mp3 player.

delivery and set up (final price dependent on times and location) This rig can be simplified for DJ hire not requiring an engineer for $200 approx.
All prices include GST


The White Stripes playing through our Rig B

Rig B

$520 approx with engineer

A 7600 watt mike up PA with 2 X 15 inch Yorkville speakers with horns , 3 monitors and 2 X 18 inch SB Audience in JBL cabs subs. Speakers are  powered by two stereo 600 watt Jansen Amps and a  NX6000 watt Behringer   amp . Monitors are 2 X Behringer passive wedges and an Alto 400 watt active monitor, a Behringer 2 way crossover and Proel 16/8 150 ft snake complete the set up.
Shure SM58 mikes , AKGD112 kick drum mike and Shure SM57 instrument mikes and DI’s are supplied as required , as well as mike stands and leads.
Allen and Heath  desk and Black Lion Audio Tube pre ( gives 12 mike channels plus 2 stereo line channels, 4 Aux sends)
Alesis and Behringer stereo compressors & Lexicon reverb/delay
RI Power Dynamics CD and USB mp3 player
This rig requires a sound engineer to run it and set it up , we  supply an engineer as part of the $520 fee with the  final price dependant on the location , soundcheck time , and duration of the gig. Additional fees will apply for delivery outside of Auckland and for gigs over 4 hours long
Prices include engineer, delivery and set up and gst.

Blues Brothers using Rig B

Rig C

$780 approx with engineer

A 10700 watt mike up PA. This rig has 4 X 15 inch Yorkville cabinets with horns , 2 X Rockitt 15 inch cabs with horns , 2 X SB Audience in JBL cabs 18 inch subs and two Behringer and two Rockitt passive stage monitors and one Alto 400 watt active stage monitor ( 5 monitors in total ). A 1600 watt Citronic amp is included along with three X 600 watt Jansen amps a Skytec “3000” 900 watt amp and a Behringer NX6000 watt amp.. Shure and AKG Microphones and DI’s are supplied as required for the event.

Allen and Heath desk and Black Lion  tube pre gives 12 mike channels and 2 stereo channels, 4 Aux sends.
Alesis and Behringer compressors and Lexicon reverb , Behringer 3 way crossover , Power Dynamics CD/USB player
Proel 16/8 150 ft snake

Exact pricing is dependent on the location and duration of the event.

Prices include delivery and set up and gst

Allen and Heath ZED18 Mixer 19B


Bass Rig


Rockitt 300 Watt amp with 2 X 15inch Fanes in Rockitt cab.

21 Holden Wasp 100 watt amp and Sovtek 4 X 12 Quad box

Guitar Amp

Holden Wasp 100 watt with Sovtek Quad Box $100.00

Vox Venue 100 watt combo amp $70.00



PAR CANS – DP-4 four channel DMX dimmer pack  with  8 AC power outlets connected to a DMX-X10 controller via a  20 m DMX lead . This gives four faders running 4 pairs ( 8 lights in total ) This controller set up is $120.00

24 4 channell DMX dimmer pack , 20m DMX lead , 8 AC power lead adapters and DMX controller
1 X 300 watt PAR can $30
2 X 300 watt PAR can $40
3 X 300 watt PAR can $60

4=$70 , 5 =$80

2 light stands with Tbars are available for $20 ea, lights can also come on floor stands at no extra charge, we have 2 floor stands.

COMBO DEAL – 5 cans, dimmer pack and both stands $200

Colour gels are supplied at no extra charge with the proviso that they are returned in the condition they are sent out. Replacement costs
for torn or ripped gels are $20 each.

25 mirror ball

MIRROR BALL – A 12 inch mirror ball is available for $20 , a motor to rotate the ball is an additional $5.00.A pin spot light is another $10.00.A T bar lighting stand is an additional $15.00.The total cost for complete set up is $50.00

27 Geni 2


Geni-Spyro 250 light – shoots  moving coloured patterns  syncronised with music! $50

28 minimoon

Minimoon Light – shoots coloured beams in time to music $40

Proel Hydraulic light stand $20

Smoke Machine (includes free remote and fog juice)  $35

29 smoke machine

COMBO Smoke Machine / Spyro-250 / Minimoon /T Bar Stand  $100

NOTE: Let lights cool after use before packing down or moving as bulbs blow when lights are moved while hot.

Generator Clause – If the hirer is using an external power source or generator they are responsible for the repair costs for any damage caused by spikes or power surges (including blown bulbs). Make sure the right sort of generator is used and use separate generators for lights and sound.