Alpha Plan – Stratford Workshop


The final chapter in the internationally acclaimed trilogy that is Alpha Plan.Never shy of a song this is nonetheless the most song orientated outing from our heroes abroad.The band performed live in london recording the drums directly to Sony mindisc.On returning to these shores the drums were mastered at Earwig Studios , and guitars and bass reintroduced via trusty 1 inch tape. A masterpiece. 

“The grey pop of High Street Faces provides a great opening,with a lovely finish.Magic Kingdom is lighter and more upbeat,before things get moodier with the middle section of the album,highlighted by the beautiful morbid pop of Looping The Detail and the comedown of Cryovac – Alpha Plan absolutely getting it rightSounding for all the world like the Dunedin they came from rather than the Auckland they went to,Alpha Plan bring to mind The Chills,Verlaines,Garageland,Headless Chooks,JPSE, and Psychedelic Furs.There are some particularly strong tracks on this album,the three piece really excelling on the more “serious” stuff.” – Shaun Chait NZ Musician magazine april/may 2001 issue.