Earwig and Stinkbug Compilation


Here at last is a compilation of 13 bands recorded at Earwig Studios.

Pocket Watch / O / Readers Wives / Waste of time / A.K.Decay / The Landing / Honey Barbara / The Remote Controls / Abels Grave Band / Lure of Shoes / Mr Fuzz / Gaunt Pudding / Fitch / Figure 60

A common thread of songsmanship and innovation hold the mix together as we ride the sonic rollercoaster to obscurity. Rave reviews, low rotates, and minimal sales are eagerly awaited by all involved.

– “A well rounded sampler of local delights”

RIP IT UP, September 1997.

– “Best of the bunch include the melancholy folk shades of Readers Wives, the grunged-up blues rock of A.K Decay and the gothic drama of Honey Barbara”.

NZ Herald, May 1998

“13 very unusual and talented bands “

Canta, May 1998